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Pink Ring Pop body oil

Pink Ring Pop body oil


Hey cuties! If you love sparkles then you will love our sparkle body oils! These mini body oils are so beneficial for your skin! Infused with sunflower oil and more your skin will love you after the first use! Plus we love our skin to sparkle! These cute ring pop body oils have such a sweet smell you will be smelling cute all day! You can literally wear it as a ring it’s so cute and easy to take in your purse!

Hey cuties since this a all natural product the glitter will settle over time just make sure to give the bottle a few good shakes or shake until all glitter has left the bottom then use your brush to apply as desired.


Sunflower oil

Tea tree oil

Coconut oil

Baby oil infused with shae butter

Cosmetic Glitter

All natural candy scent

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