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✨Sparkle Me Body Oil Spray✨

✨Sparkle Me Body Oil Spray✨


During the cutest era ever the 2000s I made it a goal to get all the glitter spray I could find! Now we finally have our own and it is the best! If you love sparkly things then you will love our Body Oil Spray! This moisturizing oil will not only leave your skin feeling soft it will also bring a cute glitter finish on the skin. It smells like CHERRIES! How sweet is that? This spray can even be used on your cuticles. A little goes a long way! Free gift with each order!

Hey cuties since this a all natural product the glitter will settle over time just make sure to give the bottle a few good shakes or shake until all glitter has left the bottom of the spray bottle before use.


coconut oil

baby oil infused with Shae butter

Sunflower oil

Tea tree oil

Microfine Glitter

All natural cherry fragrance 🍒

Size: 2 oz/ 60ml

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